Temporarily suspend admissions into a program

A college may suspend admission into an academic program if the faculty plan to either reopen the program at a future date or phase out the program for future inactivation. During the suspension, no new or returning students will be able to declare the program. The college administering the program will ensure that active students declared in the program before the suspension will have the resources to complete their requirements within a timely manner.

At any time within five years of the initial suspension, the college may reopen admission or inactivate the program by submitting a proposal through the college’s standard curriculum review and approval process; it will then be included on the EPC agenda. If admission into the program is not reopened within the specified five years, the program will be declared inactive by the Office of the Provost, which will notify all appropriate bodies.

Complete the following:

  1. Certification of curriculum proposal (CCP) form
  2. Proposal summary
  3. Memos concerning impact, duplication or support, if applicable, that affects academic units and/or campuses' resources (staffing, facilities, library, finances, student services)