Nutrition Programs

The following nutrition programs are temporarily unavailable. 

Please contact Beth Michel at 330-672-0475 or if you have any questions.

Nutrition Counseling

Align diet and fitness goals through individual nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian.

  • Fee: Student $19, Member $21, Non-member $24

  • Three and five session bundles available

One-day Diet Analysis

The One-day Diet Analysis program provides you with an evaluation of your diet, specific to your lifestyle and eating habits.

  • Fee: Student $7, Member $9, Non-member $13

Three-day Diet Analysis

A 72-hour diet recall will be entered into computer software and this diet analysis program will provide specific, personalized information.

  • Fee: Student $21, Member $24, Non-member $32

Diet Prescription

After receiving a three-day diet analysis, you may purchase a diet prescription. This diet plan is created by you and our dietitian to meet your needs and wants.

  • Fee: Student $19, Member $21, Non-member $24