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We will be conducting programs following all necessary physical distancing and safety measures as outlined by the Kent State's Safety Principles.

Does your group (team/staff) want to become more effective team players? Need to improve communication?  Want to identify leaders? Need to work on trust?

The Adventure Center has just the program for you!  Our teambuilding programs strive to create a meaningful experience catered to each group’s individual needs.

For more information contact Chris Lukas at (330) 672-2803 or

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Assemble your team to try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Flash from Campus. Your team will utilize leadership, strong communication, and problem-solving skills to work through the clues in the “Find Flash Fast” scavenger hunt.  You will set up a virtual meeting with your team and choose from a facilitator-guided or self-guided option.  The duration of the event depends on how well your team works together, but we offer multiple options at varying price points   Upon completion of the activity, the team will reflect on the experience and discuss how to improve as a team moving forward.

Pricing Options:

  • 1 hour plus debrief: $125 facilitator-led, $75 self-guided
  • 2 hour plus debrief: $150 facilitator-led, $100 self-guided

High Ropes Challenge Course

The indoor high ropes challenge course is a series of belayed activities fixed 30-feet high in the multipurpose gym at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The focus of these activities can be both on the individual and the group. The group is there to support its team members as they attempt elements. This activity requires a high level of physical exertion.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Our outdoor low ropes challenge course located at Allerton Sports Complex is a series of activities attached to trees or poles by boards, cables and ropes. These activities focus on building a more effective team in a fun, hands-on way. Low ropes elements are anywhere from two to six feet off the ground. Spotting techniques are taught and needed to safely implement solutions to problems.

Teambuilding "To-Go"

These mobile (we can come to you!) ground activities are designed to help the group work towards the goals set forth by the group’s leader. Activities are fun and challenging and are followed by a period of reflection where groups link their performance during the activity to how they function outside of the teambuilding program. Connections are made to real life examples so the experience can be impactful and long-lasting.

Cardboard Regatta Boat Building

Small teams get a roll of duct tape, a 4x8 foot piece of cardboard, and other miscellaneous supplies to build a boat. Two team members then have to paddle the boat into open water and back in a race to the finish. Teams use strategic planning, communication, creativity, and other skills to successfully complete the challenge. Yes, some people will get wet!

Scavenger Hunt on Campus or Downtown

We can set up a scavenger hunt course for your team throughout campus or in downtown Kent. Clues will be given and problems will be solved in order to make your way from stop to stop. Teams will be timed and the fastest team to complete the course will be deemed the scavenger hunt champion. Stay and enjoy what the university or city has to offer with your team after the event.


We can combine activity options to create a custom program for your group! We offer different rates for university groups, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Programs generally last 2-3 hours. For more information, contact Chris Lukas at (330) 672-2803 or