New! 3+3 Law School Program

The School of Peace and Conflict Studies is pleased to announce that our Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) major is now part of Kent State’s 3+3 Law School Program.


This program allows PACS majors to complete many of their university requirements and all of their PACS courses in three years.  In year four, they go on to do their first year law school courses, and if those are completed successfully, those are counted as completing their bachelor’s degree at Kent State.  Graduates then complete their last two years of law school to get their law degree.  This allows students to get both degrees within six years, saving both time and money.


Pairing of Peace and Conflict Studies with a law degree is a great fit.  We offer courses and teach skills relevant to students wanting to go to law school (such as negotiation and mediation), and a number of our graduates have gone on to earn law degrees.  The 3+3 program will allow students to do that more quickly.


We currently have 3+3 programs with Cleveland Marshall School of Law, University of Akron School of Law, and Case Western Reserve School of Law.


To view the requirements for the program, download the GPS Degree Pathways roadmap for the law school you’re interested in using one of the links below.  The process for getting into the program with the law school of your choice is on page 3 of the GPS Degree Pathways roadmap document for that school.


GPS for PACS 3+3 Program with Case Western Reserve School of Law

GPS for PACS 3+3 program with Cleveland-Marshall School of Law

GPS for PACS 3+3 Program with University of Akron School of Law



More information about Kent State's 3+3 program:

If you have questions about the 3+3 program through Kent State, contact Academic Partnerships at  They should be able to provide you with more detailed information.

For current Peace and Conflict Studies students:  To enroll in the 3+3 program or to determine if it is right for you, contact your College of Arts & Sciences academic advisor.  (SPCS advisors cannot enroll you in the program.)




Article about 3+3 partnership with Cleveland Marshall

Article about 3+3 partnership with University of Akron

Kent State has several 3+3 programs with law schools and graduate schools, with a variety of KSU majors.  All Kent State degree pathways can be found on the Degree Pathways website.