The Kent State University Staff Council accepts the responsibility and challenge of taking its place alongside faculty, administrators and students in working toward a better University community.  Through collaboration, the Kent State University Staff Council will enable the administration to establish better channels of communication and to draw upon the best ideas of Kent State staff and provide staff with leadership experience.  To that end, the purposes of the Kent State University Staff Council are as follows:

  1. To serve as the advisory group for classified and unclassified staff, regardless of race, gender, and age.
  2. To act in an advisory capacity to the University administration on existing and emerging policies, not related to wages, benefits, and/or terms and conditions of employment, that affect staff and the broader university community.
  3. To appoint and/or recommend staff representation to other University committees, as appropriate.
  4. Promote communication and engagement among staff, University administration, Faculty Senate and Student Government.
  5. To provide a forum for the exchange of information between staff and other University groups.
  6. To foster a spirit of respect, dignity, unity, and cooperation among staff.
  7. Provide staff with an effective way to ask questions, express concerns, and provide suggestions to the university administration. 
  8. To provide referrals for individual concerns and problems to appropriate University resources.
  9. To share the responsibility with the administration, students and the University community in attaining the goals in Kent State Strategic Roadmap.