Undergraduate students may be required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Foreign Language, Chemistry, English (Writing), and Reading prior to initial course registration. The need for placement assessments is determined by a student’s major or college requirements.


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Mathematics Placement

Mathematics placement is required of most incoming New Freshman and transfer students who have not successfully completed a college-level mathematics course at another college or university, or earned scores of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB or Calculus BC test, or earned course equivalent college credit through an alternative credit granting program such as CLEP.


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Foreign Language Placement

Newly admitted students majoring in programs with a foreign language requirement or who plan to study a foreign language should complete the foreign language placement questionnaire prior to their initial advising appointment, even if they have not studied a foreign language before. Returning students who have not taken a language placement test but who wish to study a foreign language should also complete the placement questionnaire.


English Placement

Undergraduate students are placed into an initial English course based on standardized test (ACT/SAT, Accuplacer) scores. Course placement can be challenged if the student feels the placement is inaccurate.