Tutoring & Testing

Tutoring & Testing

Kent State University at Geauga and the Twinsburg Academic Center offer a variety of tutoring and testing services to help students to achieve success.


Tutoring is available for free online and face-to-face. We have professional and peer-assisted learning tutors as well as writing consultants available to help you.

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Appointment-based Tutoring

Face-to-Face Tutoring  

Face-to-face tutoring is only available for select subjects. Students need to make an appointment at tutortrac.kent.edu first. Then, contact the tutor 48 hours in advance to inform them that you want the session to be in person. If you would like face-to-face tutoring, you will need to contact the tutor 48 hours in advance to inform him/her that you want the session to be in-person. If you do not request face-to-face, it will be assumed that your session will be online. The tutor will inform the student what room to report to for the session. Please note that students must abide by Flashes Prevention Information if participating in a face-to-face tutoring session.  

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How to Setup an Appointment 

  • Visit TutorTrac

  • Log in with your FlashLine credentials 

  • Search availability 

  • Choose Burton Campus or Twinsburg Campus 

  • Select your course under section 

Can’t find a tutor in a subject area or a time that works for you?  

Check out the other campus locations' tutoring services to see their availability. Or, contact Brandie Blankenship at bblank10@kent.edu.   

Please remember that etutoring through our partner organization is still available for use as well. 


The Office of Academic Services offers the following testing services: 

  • Placement Testing 
  • ALEKS placement testing  
    • May be taken online from home by visiting FlashLine and going to Student > Resources > Placement Assessments > Math > Take your ALEKS Math Assessment, or access ALEKS Learning Modules
  • ALEKS re-assessment  
  • Accuplacer placement testing 

Student Accessibility Services Testing 

If you receive the testing services accommodation through SAS, you can schedule your test with our office.  

Make-up Exam Testing & Online Course-Proctored Testing 

Make-up testing and online course-proctored testing is offered as a courtesy to faculty and students at Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center. Students must have faculty permission to make up an exam. Students must bring a photo ID to take a proctored exam. 

Do you attend another institution and need an exam proctored? It's only $25 per appointment. Call 330-888-6314 to set it up! 

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Complete the Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form


Academic success workshops are available to teach students the skills that will help you become a more successful student and achieve your goals. These workshops are available online in your Blackboard account in the course called Geauga Academic Workshops. Check out our available workshops. If you cannot find this course in Blackboard, email Brandie Blankenship or call 330-888-6314.  

Additionally, academic coaching is available to students who would like one-on-one assistance in any of the topics covered in the academic success workshops. Make an appointment by visiting advising.kent.edu or emailing Brandie Blankenship or calling 330-888-6314.  

View Our Success Resources 


Structured study groups (SSG) are offered for select courses that are academically demanding. These groups are designed to help students succeed. SSG is open to all Kent State University students enrolled in a course and at no extra cost. Students will be notified via email if they are in a course that has supplemental instruction available. 


Writing consultants are available to help students improve their critical thinking and rhetorical skills during regular drop-in tutoring hours or via an appointment by scheduling via TutorTrac. Students needing another perspective on the ideas in their academic essays can see a consultant for a 45-minute session (if students are seeing a writing consultant during drop-in tutoring hours, the session may be shorter).  

The goal of the Writing Center is to help students become a better critic of their writing, so they become more proficient at practicing the writing process, gathering, developing, and organizing their ideas. 

When students attend a session, they should bring: 

  • A printout of the assignment 

  • A printout of notes or draft pertaining to the assignment 

  • Paper, pen/pencil, or a digital device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to take notes during the discussion 

During the session, students should expect the consultant to help them understand how to respond critically and accurately to the essay and interpret and respond to peer commentary. Students do not need to have a draft for a consulting session. Revision takes time and thought, and the more time students allow for thoughts to develop, the more successful assignment the students will compose. 

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**Note that this is not a proofreading or editing service. If students need help with grammar, style, or editing concerns, the consultant can help them find, understand, and apply the relevant sections found in the most current book used for College Writing.