Make-Up Tests

Make-Up Tests

Make-up exams are offered as a courtesy to faculty and students at Kent State University at Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center.  Students must have faculty permission to make up an exam. Students interested in taking a make-up exam either at the Geauga Campus or Twinsburg Academic Center should complete the online form.

Before making an appointment: 

  • Students must sign up for the online exam at least one business day in advance. 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the professor that you will be taking the exam at the Geauga Campus or Twinsburg Academic Center. 

  • Make sure that your professor sends proctoring instructions and access to the exam, as well as any passwords required. 

  • Students are required to show a photo ID before taking an exam.  Students without a photo ID will not be allowed to take the exam. 

  • If you arrive 15 minutes late to the exam, you will not take the exam and will have to re-schedule another online testing opportunity, pending your professor’s approval.  It will be your responsibility to meet with your professor to determine your eligibility for re-testing. 

  • Electronic devices, backpacks, purses, and books will not be allowed in the testing room. 

  • If you are permitted to use any exam assistance (such as a calculator, open notes, scratch paper, etc.), remind your professor to indicate such assistance on the exam or on the proctoring instructions; otherwise, you will not be allowed to use them. 

No make-up exams will be administered during finals week.  Students must make arrangements with their professor(s) if they will miss the scheduled final exam time. Students registered with Student Accessibility Services who wish to utilize their testing accommodations for their make-up tests should indicate in the form that accommodations are needed or contact Robin Dever

All exams are monitored by trained staff and student proctors in the Office of Academic Services. If you have any questions, please contact Robin Dever.  


Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center faculty should complete the Faculty Test-Proctoring Request Form to request a proctored test.