Majors & Degrees

Kent State University Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center offers a wide range of certificate, associate, and bachelor's degree programs, such as our BSN nursing degree program and Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education. Students can complete all required coursework for certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor's degree programs without ever leaving our campus. Students can also begin coursework in 375+ world-class programs of study at Kent State University.

Associate degrees are two-year degree of a technical or general nature offered only on the Regional Campuses. Associate degrees can also allow students to complete general education requirements through a two-year program, for later transfer into a four-year degree. The following associate degree programs are offered at Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center:

Bachelor’s degree programs demonstrate a completed general and broad education with focus in a specific area and are typically completed in four-six years. The following bachelor’s degrees are offered in their entirety on the Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center. Students can also begin coursework in 375+ world-class programs of study at Kent State University.


Students may complete undergraduate university requirements and Kent Core courses at Kent State University at Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center or any campus/location, and the major requirements online. The degree would be awarded by the approved campus or college. Additional fees are assessed for online courses.

Certificates offer students the opportunity to learn specific career skills or professional certification in order to gain employment or advance/specialize in their careers.  Kent State Geauga and the Twinsburg Academic Center offer certificate coursework in the following areas: 

A college minor is a set of courses that a student takes to complement or enhance the value of their major. Generally, students who wish to earn a minor must take five to six courses pertaining to the subject field.