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Geauga Campus & Regional Academic Center

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The Geauga Campus in Burton

The Geauga Campus is one of  seven regional campuses of the Kent State University system and is strategically and conveniently located on 87 acres of land in the approximate geographic center of Geauga County. 

Founded in 1964 and located in Burton, Ohio, it is 30 miles east of Cleveland, 25 miles north of Warren, and about 40 miles northeast of the Kent Campus. The Geauga Campus is the only institution of higher learning in one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Ohio.

Serving 2416 students, the campus provides its students in the region with quality academic instruction in several key areas. 

  • It provides a wide variety of Kent Core courses along with 2 year and 4 year degree programs.
  • Every effort is made to assure success by providing basic skills through computer testing, developmental education courses, tutoring in selected subjects, and reasonable accommodations for the learning disabled and for those with physical handicaps.

The Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg

The Twinsburg Connection

In the early 1990's, Geauga Campus administration initiated the reach of education into Twinsburg which resulted in the construction of a new state of the art facility that opened for fall semester in 2012. The Geauga Campus and the Regional Academic Center share staff, faculty and this website.

The Kent State University Regional Campuses advance Northeast Ohio by providing open access to a major University education.  The campuses are key intellectual resources for social diversity, cultural enrichment, and economic development.


Our Mission

Kent State University at Geauga and Regional Academic Center is committed to providing a superior education for a diverse student population in a creative learning environment preparing students to participate fully in society.  Kent State University at Geauga and Regional Academic Center serves as the educational, business, and cultural center of our community.

Our Vision

Kent State University at Geauga and Regional Academic Center will provide superb service and academic programs to its students and the community in an educational environment of growth and challenge.