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Geauga Campus & Regional Academic Center

The Geauga Campus is centrally located on eighty-seven acres of land in the approximate geographic center of Geauga County. Founded in 1964 and located in Burton, Ohio, it is thirty miles east of Cleveland, 25 miles north of Warren and about 40 miles northeast of Kent. The Geauga Campus is the only institution of higher education in the third wealthiest county in Ohio.

Geauga County is predominately rural with a growing population and a changing economic base. The last few decades have seen significant in-migration of middle-aged professional families from Cuyahoga County. Most of the county’s population now resides in the more affluent western portion of the county; the eastern portion remains predominantly agricultural and somewhat less prosperous.

In 1990 the Geauga Campus began offering classes in the City of Twinsburg in conjunction with Chrysler Corporation employees. Classes were held in the “Old School” at the intersection of SR 91 and SR 82. The facility was originally an elementary school that had been leased to Kent State Geauga for purposes of providing higher education to the citizens of Twinsburg and surrounding cities. In 2012, the Regional Academic Center was built and formally opened as a second location of the Geauga Campus.

The Geauga Campus and Regional Academic Center are financed through a single operating budget with staff and faculty frequently working at both locations. The two campuses are structured and operated with a focus on student success. Advising and tutoring are provided to assure all students have access to support services as needed. Since all students are non-residential at each site, facilities are designed to accommodate a commuter orientation.

As enrollment grows at the combined locations the opportunity to increase offerings is expanded proportionately. New two and four year degrees associated with the medical field will be a primary emphasis. Program growth and increased enrollment will create significant opportunities to achieve greater visibility through partnership building in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Summit counties for the future. 

Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State

1. Students First

Provide an inclusive and engaged living-learning environment where all students thrive and graduate as informed citizens committed to a life of impact

Our top priority is to ensure that students have the education, experiences, and support they need to graduate and to live successful, satisfying lives in their work and in their commitment to become engaged citizens. Attention to academic quality and student success is a cornerstone of a students-first environment. This focus begins with the strategic recruitment of talented and diverse students and continues with the commitment to support students as they learn to thrive in an academically challenging environment.

2.  A Distinctive Kent State

Drive innovation, idea generation and national distinction through top-tier academic and research programs including the recruitment and support of talented faculty and staff

Kent State University’s wealth of intellectual, physical and cultural resources makes it a whole that has a far greater impact than the sum of its parts. As a large eight-campus system with more than 41,000 students and offering more than 280 degrees from the associate to doctoral levels, Kent State is distinctively poised to serve as an exemplar of a re-imagined American research university – one that produces cutting-edge knowledge and new ideas while offering access to a high-quality education. The 2015-16 academic year was a landmark year for the launch of a new vision and brand to better define the distinctive contributions of Kent State as a national public research university.

3. Global Competitiveness

Advance Kent State’s impact and reach as a leading international university

As Kent State defines its distinctiveness as a national public research university, it is imperative that we position the university for success in an increasingly global environment. Efforts to enhance the university’s global competitiveness focus on continuing a trajectory of increasing the enrollment of international students and providing a high-quality global education for all of our students.

4. Regional Impact

Serve as the innovative engine and engaged partner to meet community needs and enhance quality of life in the region and state

As one of Ohio’s largest public universities, Kent State must engage its worldwide assets and relationships to contribute in significant ways to the growth and prosperity of the City of Kent, Northeast Ohio and the State. Actions and strategies pursued in this priority aim to enhance the level and volume of engagement with legislators and regional leaders and to better assess and communicate the story of the university’s contributions locally, regionally and beyond.

5. Stewardship

Ensure a culture of continuous improvement and the efficient stewardship of university resources and infrastructure

To ensure financial stability and sustainability and to manage college costs, Kent State is evaluating and implementing strategies that increase operational efficiencies, grow fundraising success, enhance academic progress-related services for students and expand the university’s position as a destination for the next generation of academically motivated students.