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Outreach & Partnerships

Committed to Engaging with the World Beyond our Campuses

This attitude supports the core values in Kent State's Strategic Plan

Kent State University at Geauga and the Regional Academic Center are committed to 

  • creating partnerships
  • assisting our community in problem solving
  • organizing ways to connect our students to their community
  • providing leadership
  • developing programs that provide education to the public relevant to today's workforce needs
Geauga Campus Community:
Geauga Growth Partnership
  • Internship Program
  • Geauga Home Grown 
Geauga County Juvenile Court
Geauga County Work Place
Geauga County Department on Aging
Leadership Geauga
Geauga County VFW
American Legion
Geauga County Historical Society
Burton Century Village
University Hospital Geauga 
Red Key Network
Geauga County Sheriff
Geauga County Tourism
Geauga County Fair Board
Geauga County Chambers of Commerce
Consumer Connection
Geauga Park District Partnership
Geauga County Libraries
Burton Public Library
State of Ohio Board of Education
Boy Scouts of the Western Reserve
Geauga County Board of Elections
Bee Keepers Association
Geauga County Educational Service Center
Geauga Council on Arts and Culture
Geauga Lyric Guild
Geauga Habitat for Humanity
County Kiwanis and Rotary Groups
And more…
Regional Academic Center and the Twinsburg Community:

Twinsburg Chamber