Events & Room Reservations

Policy and Guidelines for Facility Reservations

Kent State University at Geauga and the Twinsburg Academic Center have several on-campus spaces available for use by student organizations, campus administration, and community groups.

How to Make Your Reservation Request:

The process is the same at both locations.

  1. Complete the Room Reservation Form
  2. If you are a community organization, business, or community member, you will need to complete the Facility Use Agreement before your request is considered. Email the completed form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been approved.

Can I Have Food at My Event?

You can have food at your event. On the Event Management Form, there is a place to give specific information on food delivery or catering.

How Do I Reserve a Room?

You must fill out and email the appropriate form to move the approval process forward. A reservation should not be considered "firm" until the Events Team approves the room request and you receive confirmation.

Monetary Issues

  • No sales or solicitations are permitted.
  • No admission fees can be charged for meetings or events within the facility or on the grounds.

Restrictions for Use

  • Furniture in classrooms and common areas must be returned to its proper arrangement by the event organizers.  If help is required, please state this on the Event Management and Communications Form.
  • After 5:00 pm, the person who reserved the room is responsible for securing it by turning off lights and equipment, as well as for closing all windows and doors.
  • Buildings may not be available at certain dates or times based on sustainability measures or for maintenance upgrades.

Guidelines for set-up, tear-down and transition times

  • Below 50 attendees expected: allow 30 minutes set-up time.
  • 50-100 attendees expected: allow 1 hour set-up time.
  • 100 plus attendees expected: handle on a case by case basis. Please inquire.
  • Note: Allow at least 30 minutes tear-down or transition time after/between events if back-to-back.
Disclaimer and Liability

Kent State University at Geauga Security, the Event Team, and the Facilities Management Office reserve the right to move an event, to cancel an event that disrupts the educational, research, or administrative functions of the university, and for emergency maintenance-related situations.  Kent State University at Geauga is responsible for the quality of its classroom facilities and reserves the right to deny request privileges. Kent State University at Geauga spaces are used at the sponsors’ own risk.  Users will be held responsible for the condition of the room and all furniture and equipment within.  Kent State University at Geauga is not responsible for damage or loss of personal effects or personal equipment, nor injury to users or participants.

For questions or comments about room reservations, call 440-834-4187 or email us