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We offer tutoring services in several subject areas in order to support the students and faculty on our campus. Our Tutoring Center is staffed by talented student tutors who can help you meet your academic goals. Tutoring is free to all Ashtabula Campus students with no appointment necessary. Simply walk into one of our centers located on the first floor of the Campus Library. 

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Make-Up Testing and Online Proctored Testing

The Office of Academic Services proctors exams as a courtesy to faculty and students. We offer proctoring services for make-up exams, online classes, and student accessibility services. Students must contact Academic Services at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment for a proctored exam. You must provide a photo ID to take a proctored exam.

Schedule a test

Proctored Test: Faculty Form 

We do NOT provide testing services on Fridays. 

Nursing, OTAT, OCAT, PTAT, RADT and RTT,  MUST follow their program rules as outlined in the program handbooks.

If you encounter a problem while using the online scheduling form, please call 440-964-4304. Repeated rescheduling of missed appointments will result in your inability to test with our center in the future.

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Accuplacer Placement Testing

ALEKS and ACCUPLACER test results are used by academic advisors to determine proper course placement.

  • ALEKS and ACCUPLACER are administered at no charge.
  • Photo ID required for testing.
  • The ALEKS placement may take up to 90 minutes to complete.
  • ACCUPLACER reading and writing may take up 60 minutes to complete. If you are taking ACCUPLACER and would like to take ALEKS on campus, you should allow yourself 3 hours.

Preparation materials for all of our placement tests are available online to help you show your highest potential.  To find materials for the ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing Assessments, the ALEKS Math Assessment, the WebCAPE Foreign Language Assessment, and/or to take a proctored exam please visit the Placement Testing Preparation page. 

The ALEKS placement test can be taken online from home through FlashLine. Students who wish to take ALEKS placement on-campus are welcome to do so during a Placement Testing time block. New students who have current ACT scores will be placed in reading and writing courses according to ACT reading and English subscores.

New students who do not have current ACT scores must take ACCUPLACER reading and writing. ACCUPLACER is a comprehensive, self-paced computer testing program that helps place students into appropriate courses and maximizes the information colleges need to insure student success.

A few hours of preparation could save you thousands of dollars!!

We've identified the preparation materials that will put you on the right track as you begin your journey with Kent State University at Ashtabula. To find materials for the ACCUPLACER Reading Assessments, the ALEKS Math Assessment, and the WebCAPE Foreign Language Assessment Please visit the ACCUPLACER Placement Testing Preparation page.

Register for Placement Testing

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ALEKS Math Placement Test

What is ALEKS Math Assessment?

ALEKS is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-based assessment software product that zeros in on the student's mathematical strengths and weaknesses, reports its findings, and then if necessary provides a learning module to improve the student's knowledge and skill. ALEKS will not ask multiple choice questions. Before beginning the assessment, students will complete an online tutorial so they know how to enter answers in ALEKS. The tutorial and placement may take up to 90 minutes to complete.

Results from ALEKS will lead to placement in a mathematics course. If students complete the assessment using assistance, there is a strong chance that they will perform poorly in their mathematics course and have to pay tuition fees to retake it.

For more information please visit theALEKS Frequently Asked Questions Page

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ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test

ALEKS Chemistry Placement Prep Series

If you plan to take General Chemistry I (CHEM 10060), you are required to complete the online ALEKS Chemistry assessment and required modules. 

  • Take the online ALEKS Chemistry assessment.
  • Preferred web browsers to take ALEKS Chemistry are Chrome or Explorer.
  • To take the assessment, log into FlashLine / Student / Resources / ALEKS and Placement Assessments.
  • The assessment takes about an hour to complete.  There is no time limit to take the initial assessment.
  • To be eligible to take CHEM 10060, you will need to obtain a 100% mastery of the material in the ALEKS Chemistry assessment.  You will need to complete all topics and use the learning modules available online through ALEKS Chemistry over the summer to improve your mastery as needed.
  • You will periodically be reassessed (each time 20 topics are learned) throughout the summer (for Fall registration) until you obtain 100% mastery of the 90 core topics.  You do not need to take the final assessment that will be offered to you once you have obtained 100% mastery.
  • Only students who attain 100% mastery after the initial placement assessment or who reach 100% mastery through the use of the learning modules will be permitted to remain registered for CHEM 10060.
  • To ensure that you obtain 100% mastery by the semester deadline, you may need to invest time throughout the summer to master the topics.  Take the assessment as early as possible.
  • ALEKS Chemistry Placement Assessment Information (PDF)

ALEKS Chemistry Placement Tutoring Support

Please see our Tutoring Services Schedule to find assistance with Math and Chemistry topics. Tutoring is free and no appointments are necessary.

Can't make it to campus during our tutoring hours? Try our online resources!

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Coordinator of Academic Services
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