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Roger T. Beitler Distinguished Former Student Award

Roger T. Beitler, the first director of the Ashtabula Academic Center from 1958-1963, laid the firm foundation upon which Kent State University at Ashtabula campus has continued to build.  To honor his memory and dedication to faculty and students, the Ashtabula Campus Faculty Council established the Roger T. Beitler Distinguished Former Student Award.  It has been given annually since 1980 to former students who have made notable contributions to their respective vocations.  

Past Roger T. Beitler Distinguished Former Student Award winners:

  • Roger A. Corlett, CPA – 2014
  • Marlene Sartini – 2013
  • Deborah Newcomb – 2012
  • Joseph Puthoff – 2011
  • Christopher Avery, Ph.D. – 2010
  • Patricia Inman – 2009
  • Richard L. Garcia – 2008
  • Bret J. Cimorell – 2007
  • Diana Randolph – 2006
  • Martin R. Cole – 2005
  • C. Rick Ellis, Ed.D. – 2004
  • Brian D. Tucker – 2003