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You CAN afford to earn a degree from a world-class university.

No matter what your family’s financial circumstances are, we can help you find a way to manage college costs. The staff in our Financial Aid Office works with students and their families to help make a Kent State Ashtabula education affordable through grants, loans, campus employment, and scholarship opportunities.

With low tuition rates, a Kent State Ashtabula education is within your reach. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available beginning October 1st of each year. By filing the FAFSA by the priority filing deadline of March 1st, you will be considered for the maximum amount of aid for which you are eligible.  Eighty-five percent of all Kent State Ashtabula students receive some form of financial assistance from federal, state and institutional aid programs.

Students wishing to meet with a Kent State Ashtabula financial aid specialist will need to schedule an appointment, or on a walk-in basis during posted hours (see chart to right). Students are welcome to call the office during regular office hours to have their questions answered, or they may e-mail their questions to any of the financial aid staff members.

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It's important to apply for financial aid and scholarships each academic year. Cost does not have to be a barrier to achieving your educational goals. Follow these simple steps to apply for financial assistance:

  • Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st each year. You can use income estimates if you have not yet completed your taxes. The FAFSA may be submitted online or in paper form. Be sure to use correct school codes when completing the FAFSA:  
    • Kent campus Title IV school code: 003051  
    • Kent State Ashtabula campus Title IV school code: 003052
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► Financial Aid Information Nights

We invite you to join representatives from the Kent State University at Ashtabula Financial Aid office for a Financial Aid Information night at your high school.  Scholarships and financial aid play an important role in the college decision.  Students and parents are invited to join as at your school for an information session that will include:

  • Financial Aid 101
  • Internet Resources
  • Scholarship Application Tips

This public service program is provided to inform families about the wide variety of resources available for financing a college education.  The information provide will prove useful to your entire college search and is not Kent State Ashtabula Specific.  These events are only open to students at their specific school site.  Please contact your high school about registration.


Scholarships can make all the difference in a student's life. They enable promising students to keep going to school and achieve dreams of a degree and a career. Each year between $100,000-$150,000 in scholarships is awarded to Kent State Ashtabula students. The generosity of local families, companies and organizations allow students to earn a university degree who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. It is our goal on the Ashtabula Campus to continue to provide scholarship opportunities to students and to seek new funding opportunities each year. We are committed to working hard to remove part of the financial barrier to higher education so that students may concentrate on being successful. 


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