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Commemorating Your Gift

FountainUniversity Facilities Management's Grounds shop is pleased to offer the opportunity for giving the gift of greenery.  This truly unique gift will be seen and enjoyed by thousands and will be remembered for generations to come.

You may choose your gift from a wide variety of trees and ornamentals that have been carefully chosen according to the guidelines of the Kent Campus Landscape Master Plan.  For a complete listing of available trees, contact Rebekkah Berryhill.

Your $2500 donation pays for the cost of purchasing and planting the tree, as well as regular maintenance such as fertilizing, mulching, watering, and pruning.  Should the tree die prematurely, a replacement will be planted.

To commemorate the gift, an attractive certificate will be sent to the person or organization being honored.  In the case of a memorial gift, the certificate will be sent to the family.

All planting sites are chosen according to the specifications of the Kent Campus Landscape Master Plan.  There is currently one funding level available to contributors - $2500. If there is a particular location on campus that has special meaning, please make this notation on the online application form for processing.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your special request.

Please contact Rebekkah Berryhill of the Grounds Department at 330-672-5615 for additional information. 

*All donations are tax deductible.