2023-2024 University Teaching Council Chair, E. Sue Wamsley, ewamsley@kent.edu

  • The University Teaching Council had its start in December 1993. Because of the many and varied aspects of teaching at Kent State University, it is important to assure broad representation on the UTC.
  • The Council shall consist of sixteen (16) faculty members representing various scholarly areas of the University (e.g. physical and natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, arts, and the professional schools.) and one emerita/us faculty member representing retired faculty.
    • Of these sixteen faculty, twelve (12) shall be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members and four (4) shall be full-time non-tenure track.
    • At least one Regional campus faculty shall be included in the Council membership.
  • The Provost or designee and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) shall be ex officio, non-voting members.
  • The UTC shall also include one undergraduate and one graduate student representative as ex officio non-voting members.
  • Other non-voting members may include the conference chair and liaisons from Libraries and Media Services, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and/or other relevant units.

The Council shall support and facilitate the teaching mission of the University by studying and recommending policies to enrich and enhance teaching and curriculum development, recommending priorities for support of teaching and curriculum development, recommending faculty teaching development awards, collecting information on teaching and curriculum development, and publicizing teaching and curriculum development of the University.


The term of membership shall be three (3) years, beginning on August 15 of the year of appointment. No member may be appointed for more than two full terms in succession. Part-time and student members shall be appointed annually.

Means of Appointment

Appointments are made by the Provost from a list of candidates nominated by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees. Student members will be selected by the Undergraduate Student Senate and the Graduate Student Senate.


Four (4) faculty alternates shall be appointed each year. An alternate shall be appointed by the Chair to fill the remainder of the term for a member withdrawing from the Council.


The Council shall convene at the call of the Provost or designee in September of each academic year.

Chairperson: The Chair-elect shall be elected from the faculty members by the Council at the second meeting of the academic year and shall assume the duties of the chairperson the following year, after the fall Teaching Conference. The outgoing Chairperson shall submit annually a written summary report of the Council's work to the Faculty Senate by mid-November.