Teaching Development Grant

Teaching Development Grants are reviewed during the academic year at the regularly scheduled University Teaching Council monthly meeting.  If you submit an application for a Development Grant over the summer, your application will be reviewed during the first scheduled council meeting in the fall.

The University Teaching Council provides grants for the support of teaching development that will enhance education at Kent State University. Teaching Development Grants (TDG)  will support teaching-related projects such as pedagogy, course, curriculum, and/or program development. Proposals should demonstrate a clear link to innovative and original pedagogy and/or andragogy. This link should be clearly addressed in the evaluation section of the application..

The University Teaching Council will award Teaching Development Grants up to a maximum of $2,000.

Teaching Development Grants and Workshop Grants will only be reviewed during the academic year while Council is in session..

Projects The University Teaching Council supports and encourages faculty projects that investigate student learning across years, departments, and courses, as well as those that seek to communicate interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding.

Materials The awards may also be used to fund materials required for program development that are not infrastructure-related, as that would be the College/Department’s sole responsibility to provide. Faculty members may request funds for technical help, to create audio-visual materials, for software, and to purchase equipment required for instructional or curricular development.

                Potentially supported materials include: materials that clearly support the development of innovative curriculum, materials that enhance student learning beyond current capacities, and specialized software and instrumentation that would not otherwise be supported by the university.

                Non-supported materials: building improvements, technology for solely personal use, equipment that is required for the established curriculum, and materials that should be the responsibility of the department/program.

Other supported activities include visiting archives and collections or traveling to significant geographical sites that are tied to courses. Grants may support travel expenses and/or costs related to materials acquisition.

Eligibility The awards may be individual or collaborative (within a department or between departments, colleges, campuses, or institutions). All full-time faculty members at any of the eight Kent State University campuses are eligible for a Teaching Development Grant. Funds will be awarded to those activities which have a clear connection to the advancement of learning and educational excellence at Kent State University and reflect the mission of the University Teaching Council. Faculty may receive only one Teaching Development Grant per fiscal year.

Expectations for Recipients Grant recipients are expected to make a panel and/or poster presentation at the annual College Teaching Conference in the Fall in order to receive future funding from the UTC.

Development Grant funded proposal examples:

Grant example 1

Grant example 2


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