Workshop Grant

Workshop Grants are reviewed during the academic year at the regularly scheduled University Teaching Council monthly meeting. If you submit an application for a Workshop Grant over the summer, your application will be reviewed during the first scheduled council meeting in the fall.

The University Teaching Council grants up to five awards annually for on-campus faculty development workshops designed to advance teaching and learning. The workshops can be offered at the department, college, or campus level. The University Teaching Council recommends the use of outside specialists because of the difficulties of paying faculty members currently under contract for workshops performed within the University. The council has no policy opposing funding to a workshop with an in-house expert provided the workshop can be offered as a university service (department, college, or campus).

The University Teaching Council will award Workshop Grants up to a maximum amount of $4,000 per grant to bring in a recognized expert for at least a full day of work with faculty endeavoring to advance pedagogy. The application for workshop funding must be submitted at least one month prior to the date of the workshop.

Teaching Development Grants and Workshop Grants will only be reviewed during the academic year while Council is in session.

Workshop Examples Workshop Grants can have various configurations. A department may make a request to bring in an expert to work with a small number of faculty members for a specific pedagogical end. As an example, the English Department might want to ask an expert in ethnic literature to work with faculty preparing to teach an Ethnic Literature LER course. The funding would supply an honorarium, as well as support expenses, and materials. Funding could also be available for a working luncheon as part of the workshop.

Interdisciplinary efforts are encouraged. As an example, the College of Nursing brought in an expert on team learning to conduct a workshop for all interested faculty. Another possibility for a Workshop Grant would be for a Regional Campus to bring in a leader in the field of classroom research and assessment techniques to work with faculty across the disciplines to advance teaching and learning.

Eligibility All full-time faculty members at any of the eight Kent State University campuses are eligible for a Workshop Grant. Proposals may be initiated by heads of academic units or by faculty members. Workshop participation should be limited only by the parameters of the workshop itself. The purpose of the workshop must be to advance teaching in some accountable manner. Funds will be awarded to those activities which have a clear connection to the advancement of learning and educational excellence at Kent State University and reflect the mission of the University Teaching Council. Faculty may receive only one Workshop Grant per fiscal year.

Grant Recipients Grant recipients are expected to make a presentation at the annual College Teaching Conference in the fall.

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