Funding Opportunities

There are now two options when applying for conference grants. The UTC travel grant funds may continue to be used to support virtual conference costs that do not involve actual travel.  Grants may cover registration to attend virtual or remote conferences.  During the Academic Year 2021-2022, the University Teaching Council will allow 2 virtual conference proposals per applicant not to exceed $800.00 for both conferences combined domestic or international.   Only one travel grant that involves travels expenses (ie, airfare, hotel, etc) will be awarded per applicant.

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All full-time faculty are eligible for funding.  In addition, there are opportunities for part-time faculty to partner with full-time faculty on UTC grants. 

Faculty may also wish to seek alternate or supplemental sources to support their teaching development activities.  Sources may include departments, colleges, campuses, and the NTT Professional Development Excellence Pool (NTT Professional Development Excellence Pool PDF).  Research-related activities may be supported by the University Research Council (Research Faculty Development). 


Teaching Development Grants and Workshop Grants will only be reviewed during the academic year while Council is in session

Teaching Conference TRAVEL Grant (TCTG) (Up to $800 domestic and $1,000 international): PLEASE SEE ABOVE FOR VIRTUAL CONFERENCE INFORMATION FOR THE AY 2021-2022

  • To attend conferences and workshops that enrich or enhance the processes and practices of teaching.

  • To give pedagogical papers and/or present on teaching and curriculum development at the post-secondary level.

  • Faculty may receive only one Teaching Conference Travel Grant and one Teaching Development Grant per fiscal year.

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Teaching Development Grant (TDG): (limit: $2000/year):

  • To work on andragogical/pedagogical development outside of normal course preparation or to work on academic curricular innovation that has a wide impact.

  • Preference will be given to projects that investigate student learning across years, departments, and courses, as well as those that seek to communicate interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding.

  • Faculty may receive only one Teaching Development Grant and one Teaching Conference Grant per fiscal year.

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Summer Teaching Development Grants (STDG):

  • To work on teaching and/or curricular development ($4,500 for 5-weeks; $9,000 for 10-weeks).

  • Only one proposal per applicant.

  • Only information requested in the form is allowed; no addenda or supporting material accepted.

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Workshop Grants (WG): ($4,000 limit):

  • To bring in an outside expert to conduct a faculty development workshop on teaching for a department/school/campus.

  • Faculty may receive only one Workshop Grant per fiscal year.

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