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UTC Conference Committee


Kimberly Peer, UTC Conference Chair, School of Health Sciences
Linda Angotti, School of Music
Melissa Dyer, College of Nursing
Martin Jencius, Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences
Uma Krishnan, Department of English
Beverly Neiderman, Department of English
Vicumpriya Perera, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Kyle Reynolds, Division of Graduate Studies
Takahiro Sato, School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Susan Taft, Emerita Representative
M.L. Nambuo Temu, Department of Pan-African Studies


Belinda Boon, UTC Chair, School of Information
Jennifer Marcinkiewicz, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning


Nancy Daczko-Krestan, Center for Teaching and Learning
Laura De'armond-szucs, Office of Alumni Relations
Madeleine Kidd, Undergraduate Student, Center for Teaching and Learning
Ann Myers, University Events and Conference Services
Phyllis Vair, Center for Teaching and Learning