About Us

At the School of Visual Communication Design, our students are our most valued asset. Here, you will find information and tools to help you succeed academically and get involved in programs outside of the classroom that are vital to your future success.

Graphic designers produce a broad range of products for print and electronic media including corporate identity, interactive web design, typography, image and 3D design. 


Visual designers produce a broad range of creative products for print and electronic media including corporate identity, interactive web design, typography and images.

Two-dimensional design students apply visual solutions and creative problem-solving in print, Web and mobile formats.


Coursework and projects require undergraduate students to consider the effect of height, width and depth of a form, the use of typography and visual images, photography and illustrations in the structure of information for communication on 3D surfaces such as direct mail, product packaging and point of purchase displays.

Students learn about graphic design in collaborative professional settings, such as architecture and interior design projects.


Photography majors use light, cameras and digital technologies to create, interpret and produce imagery from narrative, thematic and conceptual sources. Gain advanced working knowledge of digital and film photographic systems through testing of procedures and use of special purpose materials. 

Graduates can pursue professional opportunities in editorial photo illustration, photographic portraiture, commercial photography, art direction, fine art photography and more.


Illustrators draw from observation and imagination and visually interpret a narrative, theme or point of view through the use of media. The illustration coursework emphasizes technique and creative solutions as they apply to specific illustration areas such as narrative, editorial, book, advertising and institutional. 

Learn how to evaluate client needs and build a concept for a specific intended audience. Discussion also centers on the challenges in developing work for reproduction, as well as exploration of various illustration techniques and their application in the illustration field.