Glyphix Studio



Glyphix Studio

Glyphix Studio is a classroom program that allows students within the School of Visual Communication Design the opportunity to engage in thoughtful client-based and self-guided investigation into design problems. For over forty years, Glyphix Studio has paired some of the best and brightest from Kent State University with local clients in the goal of helping to innovate the city of Kent Ohio and beyond. Each member of our studio participates in an authentic and collaborative experience that is tailored to the respective ambitions of their creative careers. We utilize research, exploration, and a diverse set of visual design skills to solve problems. 

The student staffed studio was one of the first such programs in the U.S. and the prototype for many student work-study design groups now existing on university campuses. This top-notch studio is located in the heart of downtown Kent, Ohio. With over 80 awards and more than 400 program alumni, Glyphix Studio has made its mark as a holistically unique space to create, inspire and excel. 

If you’re a small business or non-profit in need of design solutions, or if you're a design student who is interested in joining our team, shoot us an email, give us a call, or just pop in and say hi. We cant wait to meet you. 

Visit the Glyphix web site for contact information and to view the work designed by Glyphix staff.

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