Dick's Sporting Goods

Maren Baxter, Visual Communication Design Major; Minors: User Experience Design, Photography, Information Design

Internship: Dick's Sporting Goods

Through her internship with Dick’s Sporting Goods's corporate office in Pittsburgh, Visual Communication Design student Maren Baxter, ’22, has conducted many experiments for research and created her own designs for the company.

This internship aligned with my career goals in more ways than I had ever imagined. I learned how to collaborate and connect with coworkers on even deeper levels, and I also learned the importance of paying super close attention to details and networking.”

As an intern, Maren worked on a team that focused on the design of in-store technology and increasing the visibility and usability of kiosks that are currently in Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. With an interest and minor in User Experience Design, Maren feels both her major and minor coursework successfully prepared her for this opportunity, along with the support and feedback from all her professors.

I have always had a love of working on a team and being able to create actual prototypes that users will utilize in the real world," she says.

Advice for interns:

“I would advise future interns to not only choose an internship in an area that they enjoy, but also remember that if you love what you do every day, it will never feel like a job, it will feel like a career!”