Sherwin-Williams (Photography)

Tia McKnight, Photography

Internship: Sherwin-Williams

As an intern for Sherwin-Williams, recent photography graduate Tia McKnight, ’22, assists with styling sets and prop shopping, post-production/retouching and shooting for various brands under the Sherwin-Williams umbrella.

Her Photography classes prepared her in different ways; for example, the course Color Photography “encouraged me to think of color in a deeper way, which helps with color-focused projects,” she says, and “Architectural Photography gave me an eye for lines and the Photoshop techniques to correct lines.”

She encourages fellow interns to network as much as possible: “One think that I didn’t realize before this internship is how many people can be involved in a project or photoshoot. As far as working in a professional environment, especially as an intern, take every opportunity – take advantage of being able to learn new things and see new things, even if you don’t think you’ll use the skill or knowledge later.” 

Tia also gained insight about how she sees her future career.

"From this internship, I learned that I love working in a studio just as much as I love shooting on location. I like how even though it is the same studio, there are so many ways that it can be made to look different. There are many possibilities with propping, styling, painting, etc. This internship has encouraged me to think about having a studio of my own eventually."

Tia's Internship Work:

Some of Tia's work can be found on the website


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