Honors Scholarship

Wick Poetry Center Honors Scholarship

$1,000 in scholarships will be awarded for the best poetry submitted by Kent State University Honors students. Winners will be chosen in collaboration with the Wick Poetry Center.



  • These awards are nonrenewable. Undergraduates may reapply.
  • The competition is open to any Honors undergraduate currently enrolled at Kent State University.
  • The scholarship awards are to Kent State University only.
  • All entries must be original and may be simultaneously submitted to other publications.
  • Each entrant may submit one poem only.
  • The poem should be no more than 100 lines long.
  • The poet’s name should not appear on the poem.
  • In the cover letter section of this form, poets must write their name, address, email and telephone number.
  • Entries must be submitted between November 15, 2023 and April 1, 2024.
  • Winners were notified in May, 2024.


Additionally, the regional honors literary and arts magazine Brainchild will consider publishing the winning poem in the following year's edition.


2024 Winner and Finalists

  • Isabella Kaufman for “Offshoot”

Finalist: DJ Johnson


2023 Winner 

  • Hannah Fender for "South"

2022 Winner and Finalists

  • Sophia Swengel for “Future Shock”

Finalists: Anastasia Simms, Gabrielle Wheeler, Wren Baddour, Patrick Moorman, Olivia Wachtel, Olivia Farina

2021 Winners and Finalists

  • 1st Place: Olivia Meyer for  “You Are Who I Love”
  • 2nd Place: Olivia Farina for “If old white men wrote more poems about flowers”
  • 3rd Place: Gabriella Clingman: for “Messenger of Joy”

Finalists: Clara Britton, Haley Rixon, Angelina DiFranco, Olivia Wachtel, Christian Zupsic