Wick Students


Alice Vermillion is a senior English major and writing minor.

Her favorite poem is "Why Whales Are Back in New York City" by Rajiv Mohabir.

But now grace, dark bodies of song

return. Go to the seaside--

Hold your breathe. Submerge.

A black fluke silhouetted 

against the Manhattan skyline.




Callan Latham is a high school senior. 

Her favorite poem is Like a Good Woman by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza.

Head Under Heart

You called it love
when you cut my heart
from my chest
and put it where my
brain should be.



Cameron Gorman is a senior journalism major with a minor in creative writing.
Cameron Gorman

Her favorite poem is "little prayer" by Danez Smith.

let ruin end here.

let him find honey

where there once was a slaughter

let him enter the lion's cage

& find a field of lilacs

let this be the healing

& if not     let it be





Carrie George is a senior journalism major and writing minor.
Carrie George

Her favorite poem is "Landscape with Written Statement" by Lynn Melnick. 

What happened is

I once spent too much time in the desert

so pogonip seems glamorous seems stuck in the trees
like when blood dries on skin

and I want to wear it

out for an evening,
pat my hands over its kinky path down my face








Emily Radebaugh is a freshman American Sign Language/English interpreting major.
Emily Radebaugh

Her favorite poem is "Looking for Lullabies" by SHILOW.

I wade under wonderful
Waterfall fountains
Until my feet are dry
I prance through unwandered upon
Fallen leaves
Where I can feel the breeze







Mariah Hicks is a senior journalism major and creative writing minor.

Her favorite poetry book is A Psalm For Us by Reyna Biddy.

The Blank Ceiling

When you look up,
Do you see the heavens?
Do you see God there?
Do you look up often?
Do you lack faith often?



Regan Schell is a senior English literature major, minors in political science & creative writing.
Regan Schell

Her favorite poem is "Single Kings of the Valley" by Cait Weiss Orcutt.

Now the King

isn't careful when he walks by the branches
He barges through trees and their thorns.
King Single can’t remember his heart soft

& rindless.








Sony Ton-Aime is the current fellow at Wick. This is his third year as an MFA candidate in the NEOMFA program at Kent.

His favorite poetry book is Omeros by Derek Walcott.

Solo Waltz

Under the roof built by the man
whose labor deprived 
her mother of her ovaries,

she survived a husband
in full womanhood,
welding jewels in dirt

braiding pubic hair
in snaky lines
every morning, just in case,

Sarah Welton is a senior integrated language arts major, minors in creative writing & theatre performance.
Sarah Welton

Her favorite poem is by Tyler Kent White.


never apologize

for burning

too brightly


or collapsing

into yourself

every night


that is how galaxies are made.


Steven Santa Maria is a junior philosophy and political science major.

"Death" by Steven Santa Maria


We all know what it means

And we subtlety forget the fact


 Of our perishing. But still, life’s worth cherishing.


          Till it is gone, then it’s worth nothing at all

          Living is a rise, ending in a fall.  

Valerie Royzman is a junior journalism major.

Her favorite poetry book is Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón.

I memorize the eyes, hear the stories, smile,
weep after I leave the interview.
I bleed rain, write wilted roses.
For me,
saving the world is impossible.
I tread spilled-ink mountains anyway.
I offer ears, intertwined fingers. Anyway.