Wick Students


Carrie George

Current Graduate Fellow. She is in her first year of the NEOMFA program.Carrie George

Her favorite poem is Moving North by Ann Deacon.

"We are heading

both of us north. The cold, I hear,

is shriveling, the cold bites back. 

Even in this lush midway state I feel

a touch of gangrene on my hither leg,

some deadlier hermit fiddling in my brain."

Isaiah Hunt

Graduate Outreach Assistant. He is in his first year of the NEOMFA program.
Isaiah Hunt

His favorite poem is Some Tomorrow by Sun Ra. 




Dorisha Hendrix

Junior English major with a creative writing minor
Dorisha Hendrix

Without a Sound by Dorisha Hendrix


In your arms I slept 

Tucked away between the fabrics of our love

Rested on cotton sheets

And since I can't forget 


In that moment I was whole

In that moment were only us 

Silenced in bliss

Tucked away between my lips

How much I've longed for this 


Out in the universe we fell at rest

Stardust filling my soul with your galaxy

Rain falling upon the window sill

In your arms I am healed

Regan Schell

Senior English major with political science and creative writing minors

Regan Schell

Her favorite poem is Holdfast by Robin Beth Schaer


"We should hold each other more while we are still alive, even if it hurts."

Emily Radebaugh 

Sophomore American Sign Language/English interpreting major
Emily Radebaugh

Lemon Drop Lovers by Emily Radebaugh


We wear sundresses

Mine in yellow, hers in Pink

Long and flowy

Like the clouds in the sky

When she looks at me

I see her eyes light up

Like the Fourth of July

I can feel the fireworks

In my chest, and

We hear the wind

Whistle a magic tune

The Earth sings to us 


Caitie Young

Junior English major and creative writing minor.
Catie Young

Soap Suds by Catie Young


Soap and suds;

just washing the dishes,

counting down the hours,

and making wishes.


A few more shifts

of empty achievement,

of wiping the windows,

and nods in agreement.


Smudges on plates,

and food that goes to waste;

a ship sinks in my gut

and bittersweet tastes


Like soap suds,

and washing the dishes;

she said “don’t count the hours,

but keep making wishes.”


So I’ll keep making wishes.

Rebecca Cybulski 
Rebecca Cybulski

Junior Integrated Language Arts major.

Her favorite poem is The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams.


so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


Sadie Schlegel 
Sadie Schlegel

Junior English major and creative writing minor.

Title It Poetry by Sadie Schlegel 


It starts with a simple idea,

Drawn out lightly in pencil,

Then covered in broad strokes

Of basic color,

Boldly confident.


It may look rough

With harsh edges

And mistakes,

But it’s loved.


With gentle care

And a thin tipped brush

Pressed into the canvas,

Details begin to create refined life.


Colors are carefully selected,

Each adding to the texture,

Portraying the intended emotion

As it falls further and further away

From the first image in my head.


Layer upon layer of acrylic,

Paint caked under my nails,

Bristles askew,

I’m finally satisfied with my painting


But before it’s done,

I title it Poetry.