Teaching Poetry in the Schools

As part of the Outreach Program, Kent State University students have the opportunity to enroll in the course “Teaching Poetry in the Schools.”

Offered through the Department of English, the class helps prepare students to conduct their own poetry writing workshops. These student-teachers are placed in local classrooms and community centers. The course culminates with “Giving Voice,” an annual performance that includes more than 150 readers who participated in Wick Outreach Programs throughout the year.


This course may be used to fulfill the university’s Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR). It also fulfills requirements for English Majors and Writing Minors.

Students will explore different approaches to teaching poetry in the schools (grades 3 – 12) with the aim of increasing their understanding of and appreciation for the practice of writing and teaching poetry. Students discuss the uses of poetry as a means of developing and promoting literacy within the community. The beginning of the semester will be used to discuss, create, and use a variety of writing prompts.

During the second half of the semester students will be assigned teaching partners and classes to use methods, concepts, and lessons to teach poetry in local schools.


Students Testimonials

“I loved this course!”

“I learned so much in this course beyond the skills taught in the classroom. Getting to go out and teach in the community was something I will never forget.”

“Not something you can learn in a textbook.”

“One of the most fulfilling experiences at Kent State.”



Email Charles Malone, Program and Outreach Manager at cjmalone@kent.edu