Wick Poetry Center Announces Collaboration with the Poetry Coalition to Address Environmental Justice in a Series of Programs

KENT, OH- ​The Wick Poetry Center is proud to announce its collaboration with the Poetry Coalition, in the month of March 2021, to promote the theme of environmental justice in poetry. The Poetry Coalition’s annual March programming aims to explore social issues through poetry, including over 25 poetry organizations nationwide in the project.    

The theme of this year’s program, ​“It is burning./ It is dreaming./ It is waking up.: Poetry & Environmental Justice​, is inspired by the poem “​Map​” written by poet Linda Hogan. The Wick Poetry Center, as one of the founding members of the Poetry Coalition, aims to explore activism and advocacy for the environment at a national level and inspire its community to participate in environmentally-centered programming throughout the month of March.    

The Wick Poetry Center will promote this programming through a series of interactive online activities and events hosted throughout March. The Wick Poetry Center invites those of all ages and nationalities to participate in the Earth Stanzas, Vote the Earth, and River Stanzas projects, by contributing a line to a global community poem online. The Center is also excited to be developing a series of digital tools to increase the reach and accessibility of the Environmental Education Center at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Interested participants can contribute to the first highlighted project by visiting:  

Earth Stanzas Website  

The March programming at the Wick Poetry Center is featured by Wick undergraduate interns: Olivia Farina, Lauren Good, Caitie Young, and Brook Wyers. 

About the Wick Poetry Center: ​In 1984 Robert Wick, a sculptor and former art department faculty member at Kent State University, and his brother, Walter Wick, established the Wick Poetry Center in memory of their sons Stan (1962–1980) and Tom (1956–1973). Today the Wick Poetry Center encourages new voices by promoting opportunities for individuals and communities locally, regionally, and nationally. Wick engages emerging and established poets and poetry audiences through readings, publications, workshops, and scholarship opportunities.
Contact: David Hassler, dhassle1@kent.edu     

UPDATED: Friday, June 14, 2024 02:13 PM