Wick Student Workers Lead Informal Poetry Talks

Wick Student Workers Lead Informal Poetry Talks

The Wick Weekly workshops are in full swing on the Kent State University Campus. Led by Wick Poetry Center Student Ambassadors Regis Coustillac and Daisha Overstreet, the informal workshops for poetry discussion and craft talk every Monday and Tuesday afternoon from 3-4 pm.  

“We’re really just trying to create a space that demystifies poetry. We want students to realize it’s something they can and should interact with, because ultimately, poems need people and people need poems,” said Regis Coustillac.

Wick Weekly provides a space for writers to discuss poetry, share work, and get new ideas for their writing. Writers and lovers of poetry alike are welcome and encouraged to bring their own work and any poems that inspire them. Led by Wick Poetry Center Teaching Artists and student workers, the workshop is entirely based around what the attendees want to discuss, allowing a free space for an open flow of ideas.

“Tuesday was a great start,” Daisha Overstreet said. “We hope to put a face to Wick [through the workshops], and create a more intimate way to connect with the community.”

Wick Weekly aims to expose writers to the craft and to open a space for discussion of their own work and the work of other poets. The workshop is driven by what the attendees want to share; time can be spent reading work, discussing technical aspects of writing, and getting advice on where writers can read or publish their work.

Monday workshops are held in the Poet’s Loft on the third floor of the May Prentice House. Tuesday workshops are held in the Wick Corner on the second floor of the University Library. There is no registration process, and the workshops are free and open to all students. No writing experience is required.

POSTED: Monday, October 10, 2016 - 10:59am
UPDATED: Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 11:51am
Bri Molitor