How to Help Employees Manage Stress During COVID-19

Thursday, March 18, 2021 -
8:30am to 12:00pm

Location: Live, Virtual through Zoom; Price: $195.00

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To say that COVID-19 has rocked the U.S. economy is an understatement. Every day, we read headlines about how quickly the coronavirus is spreading, the rising death toll and how more and more employees are losing their jobs. For businesses still operating and those who just opened their doors, there is plenty of workplace stress – adapting to new working arrangements, having the kids home, employees getting sick and much more. It can be difficult for employees to manage their stress and anxiety amid COVID-19. Managers and human resource professionals can play an important role in helping employees cope with the added stress and uncertainties of the Pandemic.

In this program, we’ll help you to understand the stress that employees may be experiencing and provide stress and anxiety management strategies and tools that can help all of us to get through this challenging time.

  • Recognize the Difference Between Good and Bad Stress
  • Learn Remote and On-site Common Stressors and Recommend Coping Strategies
  • Identify Signs to Recognize When an Employee is Struggling With Stress and Anxiety
  • Understand a Formula on How to Approach a Struggling Employee
  • Lean on Three Tips for Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Help
  • Identify Specific Ways That Managers and Human Resource Professionals Can Assist Employees

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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Amy B. Shannon has specialized in Organizational Development, Human Resources and Training for over 19 years. Shannon is an Organizational Development consultant working with clients in manufacturing, service, financial and healthcare industries.

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