How to Help Employees Manage Stress During COVID-19

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With the pandemic causing new anxieties, employers need to rethink their approach to provide a better mix of tools for managing stress, burnout and depression.

Everyone faces stress in their life, but the ripple effect of COVID-19 has caused new sources of financial, social and physical stress that go far beyond the norm. These stressors are lasting and pervasive, approaching the point where they pose a threat to employee wellbeing if left ignored.  According to a new MetLife mental health study, employees say that their top stressors are financial issues (81%), job insecurity (77%), fear of catching the virus (60%) and social distancing (47%), followed by concerns about the presidential election, social justice issues and not having access to healthcare because of COVID-19. On top of this, separation of work/home life is increasingly blurring, especially for parents trying to juggle children at home.

Anxiety is at an all-time high, with 5.5 million employees saying they no longer feel mentally healthy and 38 percent of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders, an increase of 27 percent since 2019 (pre-pandemic). In addition, 41 percent of employees say they feel stressed, burned out or depressed at work on a regular basis.

In this program, we’ll help you to understand the stress and anxieties that employees may be experiencing and provide strategies and tools that can help all of us to get through this challenging time.

You will:

  • Recognize the difference between good and bad stress
  • Learn remote and on-site common stressors and recommend coping strategies
  • Identify signs to recognize an employee who is struggling with stress and anxiety
  • Understand a formula on how to approach a struggling employee
  • Recognize three tips on how you can use your emotional intelligence to help
  • Describe specific ways and ideas on how managers and human resource professionals can engage remote and on-site employees

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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