Introduction to Social Media

September 5 through September 29, 2023
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Course Overview

Get involved in the move from in-person to online communication. Learn what social media are and their role in your business and personal life. Find out the top sites and how businesses are using the sites for communication, customer retention, branding, marketing, market research, needs assessment and serving customers and clients. Explore the options for your organization. Look at case studies of what other organizations are doing. Let your instructor guide your exploration of Facebook and YouTube. For anyone interested in social media.

Your instructor is a nationally known speaker, consultant and trainer on social networks and social media.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use specific success metrics to evaluate the appropriateness of different sites
  • Create clear goals and objectives for improving business success through social media
  • Create strategies for incorporation of social media into your overall business plan
  • Track and evaluate the impact of social media on meeting your business goals

Course Objectives

  • To provide the participant with a clear understanding of what social media are
  • To provide information and examples of how businesses are using social media
  • To give participants information on how to employ social media for a variety of business applications through the use of case studies
  • To give participants information about the forces making social media a necessity as a business tool


Unit One – How Marketing has Changed and Where Social Networks Fit?

  • How is marketing changing?
  • Who is your customer and where are they online?
  • What role does content play?
  • What are the trends on the horizon?

Unit Two – Where to Start? Strategy, Listening and Accounts

  • Start with a plan: Developing a social media marketing strategy
  • Where does listening and engagement fit into strategy?
  • Learning to use some basic tools
  • How are organizations using social media?

Unit Three – how Do Social Networks Fit in Your Business?

  • A general overview of social sites that may fit your marketing goals
  • Where are your customers and how are they using social media?
  • How to set up social network profiles?
  • Can you measure the return on your investment?

Unit Four – Using Facebook to Promote Your Brand and Engage Your Customers

  • The Basics of Facebook: Personal and Business Applications
  • How to Set-up Your Facebook Page
  • Using Content and Posts to Boost Engagement
  • Case Studies on How Businesses Use Facebook