Problem Solving

This program will provide an operational definition for Problem Solving along with the concepts and tools required for its effective and efficient use. Participants will learn the importance of developing a strategy that fits the specific problem statement, and how to collect and analyze the data or evidence to confirm causes and verify corrective actions. These concepts are applicable to both technical as well as transactional- or service-type problems.

  • Problem-solving Process
  • Problem Stating
  • Characterize the Problem
  • Select Cause Categories
  • Analyze and Confirm Causes
  • Action Selection and Verification


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Thomas Putnam Thomas Putnam

Tom Putnam has more than 30 years of professional experience. His work assignments have been in many diverse areas including tooling design, process engineering, business economics, maintenance systems, quality systems, quality planning, supplier quality and continuous improvement, incorporating Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies.


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