Winning Employee Retention- How to Engage and Retain Talented Employees

Employers across all industries are impacted by The Great Resignation. Almost half of the total global workforce is considering resigning, and there are currently more available jobs than available workers. This program will provide you with the concepts and tools to help reduce employee turnover and manage employee stress due to taking on the work and responsibilities of multiple positions.

Winning Employee Retention- How to Engage and Retain Talented Employees takes a fresh look at these ideas through the lens of optimism and creativity. With every great challenge comes with it great opportunity and this program will provide you with critical information you will need to rethink your current Human Resource practices, refocus on your people, and understand what employees are looking for in this new work reality.

Key topics include:

  • Explore and Discuss Current Retention Challenges
  • Ensure Your Organization is Meeting Employee Needs
  • Develop Strategies to Improve Workplace Connection and Engagement
  • Evaluate Current Policies, Processes, and Practices Hindering Engagement
  • Plan Retention Practices That Work
  • Create Steps for Improving Engagement and Retention in Your Organization

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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Kristy Frieden Kristy Frieden

Kristy Frieden, MS, specializes in motivating, training and coaching professionals, executives and physicians in the areas of leadership, customer service, emotional intelligence and employee engagement.

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