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Kent State University at Trumbull students can complete needed theatre coursework at Kent State Trumbull before transitioning to the Kent Campus to complete their degree.

Kent State's School of Theatre and Dance offers comprehensive programs in theatre, leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Arts. The breadth of the program is suggested by its course offerings, which cover the areas of acting, directing, musical theatre, theatre history, criticism, script analysis, playwriting, technical production, scenery, lighting, costume design, make-up and theatre management.

The Kent State Trumbull Theatre produces many show and performances that generate rave reviews from local critics as well as the general public. The shows are usually performed by theatre students, but sometimes include outside talent as the theatre presents four productions annually throughout the university season (September-May) and three more as part of the Summer Stock program (May-August), which includes an active youth theatre component. In addition, they offer coursework in acting, directing, playwriting, script analysis, multicultural theatre as well as performance and technical practicum.

The Kent State Trumbull Theatre is located across from the library and students are offered free or reduced admission to encourage attendance at all productions.

2017 Kent Trumbull Summer Stock Theatre 

On the Verge, Or The Geography of Yearning


October 14-16 and 21-23
Written by Eric Obermeyer, Directed by Eric S. Kildow

Among the most imaginative works of the late 20th century, this play captivates with its abundant invention.  Three Victorian lady travelers take it upon themselves to discover the mystery of things as the set out for Terra Incognita and discover the future.  Magical word-play and the world in a time warp gives On the Verge its special flavor.


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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
December 2-4 and 9-11
Written by Mark Landon Smith, Directed by Jim Canacci

The children of Mars are in trouble! Too much Earth TV has made Martian kids everywhere distracted and withdrawn. The leaders have had enough and consult with an ancient Martian sage for the answer. The response? Kidnap Santa Claus and force him to set up a toy factory on Mars. It’s up to young Betty and Billy to help Santa escape back to Earth in time to save Christmas. But first they must bring laughter, joy, and the Christmas spirit to the children of Mars.


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The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
March 17-19 and 24-26 
Written by Valcav Havel, Directed by Eric S. Kildow


This classic farce done in 30 scenes with no chronological sequence concerns a doctor of philosophy who has a wife, a mistress, and a secretary who’s beautiful legs make it difficult for him to concentrate while she is taking dictation.  Dr. Hummel is juggling demands upon his time: from his abstract philosophical musings, to his women, to the strange pseudo-scientific investigation of self, embodied in the Pazuk.