Student Success Programs



The Office of Student Success Programs is here to partner with you and Golden Flash Family members to make the first year extraordinary. Kent State University offers academic and co-curricular experiences that will amaze and excite you.

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TRIO SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the completion of their post-secondary education.

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Student Support Services



Technology Support



The Technical Support Team in University College provides support for Student Success Programs, Graduate Studies, Research & Sponsored Programs, Upward Bound, and several student organizations.

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Alternative Credit and Articulation Agreements works collaboratively with students, parents and school counselors to help students earn college credit that in most instances will also count for high school credit towards graduation.

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Alternative Credit and Articulation Agreements



Exploratory Advising Center



The Exploratory program in University College is designed for students who have not declared a major and want to investigate the many degree-granting programs offered at Kent State University.

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Academic Engagement and Degree Completion is a relationship that begins the first semester through graduation. Advisor and student work together to create an environment of personal and academic growth.

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Academic Engagement and Degree Completion


Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement



Explore the community by working with businesses, non-profit organizations and more. Develop your communication skills as you collaborate and network with professionals in your field and enhance your understanding of our world and social justice issues.

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The Academic Success Center helps empower students to become independent learners through engaging support programs while providing an inclusive community that honors the uniqueness of each individual's academic journey.

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Academic Success Center