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Employment Overview

There are four categories of faculty: 1) full-time tenure track (represented by a bargaining unit); 2) full-time non-tenure track (represented by a bargaining unit); 3) full-time term or temporary; 4) part-time or adjunct. A full-time faculty appointment is an assignment with faculty rank for nine or 12 months. Part-time faculty are appointed on a semesterly basis.

Department heads in the Academic Units (chairs/directors, deans, assistant deans, associate deans) are typically hired as administrators on twelve-month assignments, but also hold rank as tenure track faculty.

The American Association of University Professors, Kent State Chapter (AAUP-KSU), represents the tenure track faculty and the non-tenure track faculty. Each group (tenure track and non-tenure track) has a separate collective bargaining agreement with the university that sets forth their salaries, benefits, faculty workload, and other key terms and conditions of employment. Excluded from these bargaining units are administrators, administrators with faculty rank, adjunct and part-time faculty, full-time term or temporary faculty whose appointments are grant-funded or whose primary responsibilities are non-instructional, graduate appointees and other student employees, military personnel, and full-service athletic coaches without earned faculty rank.

Appointing an individual to a faculty position requires carefully following a series of steps. To begin, a department initiates a Position Request Authorization (PRA) form to secure approval for creating, posting, or changing a position. Second, a position number that controls the funding and allows the financial support to be encumbered for the fiscal year is assigned. Third, after following the established process for recruiting candidates, selecting an appointee, and making a job offer, the on-line hiring system (PeopleAdmin) is updated to complete the process and to notify all appropriate university departments of the appointment of the successful applicant.

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