Graduate Assistant Retirement Information

This information is intended to assist you in understanding your retirement plan options at Kent State University. It is important that you review these choices carefully as your selection may have long-term impact on your financial future.

University employees do not contribute to the federal social security system and retirement benefits come from the state of Ohio retirement system(s).   You contribute 10% of your salary and Kent State contributes 14% to OPERS.  

As a graduate assistant, Ohio law provides you with two choices regarding retirement. You may contribute to an Ohio retirement account or you may request exemption from retirement withholding.  Please review The Basics: Membership in OPERS for College Students through the OPERS website.

STRS for Teaching Assistants (current membership with STRS)

OPERS for Administrative Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants

If you have any questions related to this process, please contact or (330) 672-8717 or or 330-672-8640.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of your personal records and forms and review your first pay stub for accuracy.   Please contact our or 330-672-8717, if there is an error with your paycheck.