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Hiring Steps for Part-Time Faculty

Steps for Hiring a Part-time Faculty Member

Complete an ad for the part-time pool. As long as there is a budget line in the departmental account that is budgeted for part-time faculty, there is no need to complete a new PRA to post an ad for your part-time pool. The first time an ad is created, the ad must be approved by the Associate Provost. The ad is faxed to 22644 for approval. Once the ad is established, you may re-advertise each year by simply faxing the already approved ad to the manager of Talent Acquisition in Human Resource Services at 22240. Talent Acquisition will place your external advertisements and notify the unit of the cost. If the ad is changed once it is established, it must be re-approved by the Associate Provost. *The posting will be closed after 90 days. Contact Talent Acquisition to request the posting to be re-opened when another search is needed.

  1. Collect materials from applicants and select your pool candidates.
  2. Newly selected part-time faculty members must sign a Background Check Release form prior to the preparation of an offer letter. The Background Check must have a satisfactory result.
  3. Complete and send offer letters using the template provided by the Provost's Office.  Ask the employee to show acceptance of offer by signing and returning a copy of the letter. (If a template letter is needed, call Academic Personnel or go to Academic Personnel's website for the most current templates).
  4. Ask your new part-time faculty to complete an employment packet (see Information Sheet/Check List for Part-time Faculty) and forward it to the dean and then Academic Personnel.
  5. Process appropriate part-time faculty information in Banner and FLAC.

Steps for Returning Part-time Faculty

  1. Prepare an Original Offer letter for the new term and send to Academic Personnel when signed.
  2. Process appropriate part-time faculty information in Banner and FLAC.
  3. Update any paperwork (ex: change of address, new degree info, updated tax forms, STRS, SSA-1945, Fraud Reporting Form, Background Check Release Form, etc. if there is a gap in service longer than one year).