Tenure-Track Faculty

Tenure-Track Faculty are expected to provide classroom instruction, engage in research and scholarship in their professional specialty, participate in academic advisement and mentoring functions for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the programs of the academic unit, and provide university and public service.

Annual reviews by the department chair, school director, independent school dean, or regional campus dean and the appropriate faculty advisory committee, determines whether they will be reappointed to each successive year of the pre-tenure probationary period.  These reappointment reviews reoccur until such time as an individual is either granted tenure following the guidelines in policy 3342-6-06 or separates from the university.  Promotion, tenure, and reappointment procedures are available in printed form from the office of the associate provost for faculty affairs.

Tenure track faculty are members of a collective bargaining unit represented by the American Association of University Professors, Kent State Chapter (AAUP-KSU), therefore their salary, benefit levels, workload and other terms and conditions of their employment are determined by the collective bargaining agreement.

Provisions for Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves, available to tenured regular faculty after seven years of full-time employment, are described in University Policy 3342-6-352 and Operating Procedures 3342-6-352.  Research appointments are also available following guidelines in University Policy 3342-6-34.

At retirement, emeritus status may be granted to regular faculty by the Board of Trustees, following recommendation of the departmental Faculty Advisory Committee, and approved by the departmental chair or school director, the dean, the provost, and the president, as provided for in University Policy 3342-6-22.

Detailed information regarding tenure-track faculty may be obtained in the printed collective bargaining agreement, available from the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs or at the AAUP web site.

Please review the University Faculty Handbook and your Department Unit Handbook for additional information.