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Part-time or Adjunct Faculty

Part-time faculties, known as adjunct faculty at the Regional Campuses, are hired on a yearly or semester basis to teach specific courses or set of courses. The employing department determines salaries and salary increases for this group.

Although they are not eligible for the full-time employee benefits as are full-time faculty, they receive a sick leave benefit proportionate to their teaching load and a tuition waiver of up to four credit hours for each semester that they teach. This tuition waiver may be used either in the semester in which it is earned or in the semester immediately following. Faculty who earn the waiver in the Spring may use it in Spring, Summer or carry it to the Fall semester. Unused or partially unused waivers may not be banked or carried forward for use in other terms.

Departments must maintain a pool of qualified potential part-time faculty who may or may not be asked to teach in any given semester, depending on the availability of courses they are deemed qualified to teach.

For information on hiring Part-Time or Adjunct Faculty see Hiring Steps - Part Time Faculty.