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Hiring Steps for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Appointments are entered in the Office of Academic Personnel.  Departments are required to send to Academic Personnel a completed Graduate Assistant Appointment Authorized Tuition Remission form. This form should be sent as soon as a graduate assistant has signed the offer letter and prior to the first round of bills being generated by the Bursar's Office.  Once the Information Sheet for Graduate Assistants is received, the new graduate assistant will be designated as an employee.  At this point, an ePAF can be submitted.  All attachments need to be compiled and sent to Academic Personnel.

Hiring Steps for Graduate Assistants

New Assignments

Attach Info Sheet/Check List to top of forms. See Personnel Forms for forms below.

  1. Offer Letter and Electronic Offer of Graduate Appointment; a paper form must be submitted for all work study appointments.
  2. Employee Personal Data Form AA
  3. Employment Eligibility I-9 form with a copy of documentation attached and certified by department (International students must have this documented at the Office of Global Education). 
  4. Tax Forms
  5. Direct Deposit Form
  6. Non-resident Alien Identification Form (for International Students)
  7. Retirement Form:  Ohio Public Employees System of Ohio: May either have retirement withheld or request an exemption. STRS is not available to graduate assistants unless they are prior members of STRS and their appointment is a teaching assignment.  If they were on a part-time faculty appointment during the summer prior to the graduate assistantship, and their graduate appointment is teaching, they must submit an STRS Student Exemption Form.
  8. SSA-1945 Form (only if retirement will be withheld)
  9. Fraud Reporting Form 
  10. Ohio Ethics Form (provide information to be read)
  11. Confidentiality Form for Information Services
  12. Transcripts showing highest degree
  13. Three letters of recommendation


  1. Offer Letter and Electronic Offer of Graduate Appointment
  2. Personal Information AA Form if there are any changes (*name changes require a copy of the new social security card reflecting the name change)
  3. Updated I-9 for International Students if eligibility has expired (must go to Office of Global Education)
  4. Updated retirement form, if necessary.  Refer to #7 above.