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Hiring Steps for Full-Time Faculty

Steps for Hiring a Full-time Faculty Member:

  1. Secure Funding for the position. Contact the unit's business manager if necessary. Determine if this is a reauthorization of an existing position that is vacant. If this is a new position, determine if a hiring plan has been submitted to the Provost. If not, submit a hiring plan.
  2. Complete a Position Request and Authorization (PRA) form to open and post a position. This should include completion of the ad and/or advertisement information form for KSU's job site. The PRA workflow provides easy completion of the form and expedites the signature process. For questions regarding the PRA with regard to faculty issues, call the Office of Academic Personnel at 28702.
  3. Contact HR/Talent Acquisition at 28331 regarding advertising and hiring guidelines.
  4. Choose a search committee who will assist in screening, interviewing and assessing the candidates.
  5. Contact the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at 22442 to schedule search committee training.
  6. Review applications, choose and interview candidates according to guidelines.
  7. If a candidate is selected for a face-to-face interview, have him/her complete and sign a Background Check Release Form.
  8. Once a candidate has been selected for hire, the following steps should take place on the online system (Jobs Opportunities): move any candidates that were interviewed (regardless of telephone or in-person) to INTERVIEWED and change the group's status FINALIST list - including listing a reason why they are acceptable or non-acceptable. Once this is complete, you will then complete the recruitment profile and submit it to Affirmative Action for their review.
  9. Forward the Background Check Release form for your candidate to Human Resources and request to have the background check completed.
  10. After the background check is completed and you are notified that the results are satisfactory, please contact Academic Personnel to acquire the proper offer letter template. Updated templates are available on Academic Personnel's website.
  11. The department will scan or fax the draft offer letter and a copy of the PRA to the Dean's office who will forward all information to Academic Personnel by email or by fax to 28040). Once receipt of the signature from the Associate Provost has been obtained, the offer letter is then sent to the department, which sends the original offer letter to the selected candidate along with any additional forms necessary (Fraud Reporting Form, Ohio Ethics information, Getting Started Information for Faculty, Confidentiality of University Records and Data form). Upon return of the signed offer letter, the department supplies the new hire all additional new hire forms - I-9, STRS New Hire Form, SSA-1945 Form, Salary Payment Option Form (for 9 month faculty).
  12. When Academic Personnel receives the signed offer letter, someone within the office will scan and email a copy to HR/Talent Acquisition, with the following notation: RE: Faculty Offer Letter. Talent Acquisition will then complete the Post Select Tab and place the selected hire in confirmed status. All other candidates will have their statuses changed through the online system.
  13. A Kent State email address will automatically be created with the new hire's Kent State email address if one has not been previously assigned.
  14. All forms pertaining to employment (I-9, etc) are forwarded to the manager of Academic Personnel. It is not necessary to complete a Personnel Action Form.

Required Hire Forms for Full-time Faculty:

New Assignments

Application form, Vita or Resume
  1. Employment Eligibility I-9 form
  2. Tax forms (Federal, State, City) and Direct Deposit (completed through FlashLine)
  3. STRS New Hire form; SSA - 1945; Confidentiality Form; Salary Payment Option Form (sent with original offer letter)
  4. Original signed offer letter
  5. Transcripts showing highest degree
  6. Three letters of recommendation

*Please Note: In the case of an international hire, the I-9 form must be completed in Academic Personnel. Tenure-track hires must have at least an H1 Visa.


  1. Original signed offer letter
  2. Personal Information AA form if there is a change from previous record (update through FlashLine)
  3. Transcript showing new degree not on previous record
  4. Updated Employment Eligibility I-9 for foreign faculty - if previous I-9 documentation has expired.

* Please Note: In the case of an international hire, the I-9 form must be completed in Academic Personnel.