New Faculty Hire Forms

When you receive the signed offer letter, please forward the original to the manager of Academic Personnel as soon as possible.  The manager will scan and forward this letter to Talent Acquisition who places the new faculty member in the hired status.  This process will assign a Kent State Id Number and user name/email address for the new faculty member.

Once Academic Personnel verifies the employment information and uploads it into Banner, the new faculty member will have access through Flashline to go to the MyHR tab to complete the tax forms and personal information.  They should follow the steps on the Getting Started Information for Faculty that was included with their initial offer letter.

Completed through the MyHR tab:
  • Federal Tax Form
  • State and Local Tax Forms
  • Personal Information
  • Acknowledgement that they need to show documents to the department for certification of the I-9 or, if not a US citizen or Permanent Resident, go to Academic Personnel for completion of the document or the Regional Campus, if applicable.
  • Direct Deposit Form
The department needs to provide the following forms for the new faculty member to complete and forward to Academic Personnel:
  • Completed I-9
  • STRS New Hire Form
  • SSA-1945
  • Salary Payment Option Form
  • Confidentiality Form for Information Services (if not sent with the offer letter)

In addition to the above forms, Academic Personnel also needs to receive the original signed offer letter and official transcripts.