Facility Policy

The AMLCI Characterization Facility hosts some high-end instruments which are complicated in nature and present potential dangers in different ways. For example:

1. X-ray irradiations (TEM, SEM) and laser exposure (AFM, scanning laser microscope).

2. Fire/explosion (ethane, other chemicals).

3. Personal injury (e.g., freeze bite from liquid nitrogen and liquid ethane; dangerous cut by diamond knives used for ultramicrotome).

4. Damage to the instruments: we can only afford service contract for part of the instruments; most of the repairs will be expensive.

5. Environmental safety: chemicals, special gases, waste oils (pumps, compressors), sharp glasses and blades, etc.


To ensure lab safety and service quality, the following policies are strictly enforced and will also be updated timely to achieve higher-level management of the facility.