College of the Arts Announces ArtsLAUNCH! 2023 Winners

The College of the Arts is thrilled to announce the winners of the ArtsLAUNCH! 2023 Grant Competition, co-sponsored by LaunchNET Kent State and the John S. And Marlene J. Brinzo Center For Entrepreneurship.

The competition was open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Kent State University. Applicants were asked to submit proposals in one of two categories: 1) the creation of new art demonstrating creativity and uniqueness or 2) the creation of a new art venture that would positively impact the arts economy.

Congratulations to our 2023 ArtsLAUNCH! winners Hollis Wilson (New Art, Undergraduate) for "Fabric Manipulation Paintings," Michelle Eisen (New Art, Graduate) for "Altar: An Installation Exploring Vulnerability and Femininity Through Pop-Culture," Jesse Oyster (New Arts Venture, Undergraduate) for "The Bohemian Comedians" and Kaitlyn Phillips, M.B.A. (New Arts Venture, Graduate) for "HyAndHook Business and Lifestyle Planners."

The proposals were judged by a panel consisting of Lauren Copeland, Ambre Emory-Maier, Paul Hurley, Taryn McMahon, Zach Mikrut, Nick Petrella, Shawn Rohlin and Ricardo Sepulveda.

Awards Presentation

About ArtsLAUNCH 2023! Winners 

Hollis Wilson

Program of Study: Fashion Design
Category: New Art, Undergraduate 

Project: "Fabric Manipulation Paintings"

Video Submission

Michelle Eisen

Program of Study: Print Media and Photography
Category: New Art, Graduate 

Project: "Altar: An Installation Exploring Vulnerability and Femininity Through Pop-Cultures"

Video Submission

Jesse Oyster

Program of Study: Theatre Performance and Marketing
Category: New Arts Venture, Undergraduate 

Project: "The Bohemian Comedians"

Video Submission

Kaitlyn Phillips, M.B.A

Program of Study: Business
Category: New Arts Venture, Graduate 

Project: "HyAndHook Business and Lifestyle Planners"

Video Submission

Congratulations to All Our ArtsLAUNCH! 2023 Finalists

New Art Category, Undergraduate Level
Jesse Oyster, Theatre Performance and Marketing
Hollis Wilson, Fashion Design

New Art Category, Graduate Level
Michelle Eisen, Print Media and Photography

New Arts Venture Category, Undergraduate Level
Berend Hawks, Fashion Design
Jesse Oyster, Theatre Performance and Marketing

New Arts Venture Category, Graduate Level
Kaitlyn Phillips, M.B.A.

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Updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 12:49 PM