Prepare to Begin Your Research

Long before applying for a grant, you need to identify your research with a topic, aim, scope, significance, methodology, outcomes, assessment plans and sustainability plan.

Create a White Paper

Creating a white paper (an informational report) as a communication tool is one of the effective approaches beginning your research and preparing to submit grant applications. Your completed white paper will allow you to communicate with Kent State University's Division of Research and Economic Development and with potential funding organizations.

In writing a white paper, you need to identify and articulate your research idea and include your project's:

  • topic
  • aims
  • scope
  • significance
  • methodology
  • outcomes
  • assessment
  • sustainability
  • current knowledge and level of preparation
  • bibliography (if applicable)

Connect with Kent State University's Division of Research and Economic Development

Prior to applying for funding, you should familiarize yourself with Kent State University's Division of Research and Economic Development. Their website is a great resource for research project development and funding opportunities. 

Visit Research and Economic Development Website

Gather Supporting Information

As you prepare to begin your research and/or to apply for funding, you should expand the work done in your initial white paper. Take the time to develop:

  • timeline
  • budget
  • description of expertise
  • list of external advisors
  • list of collaborators (including interdisciplinary opportunities)

Consider Any Needed Approvals

IRB Approval

Prior to beginning your research, check to see if your project requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Please note, the IRB application requires researchers to list any source of external funding including federal, state, corporate, and professional societies. You should also check with your professional society about any IRB requirements.

Visit Institutional Review Board Website

Limited Submission Opportunities Letter of Intent

Limited submission opportunities are programs that limit the number of applications an organization is allowed to submit in response to a particular program announcement. Sponsors, in this case Kent State University,  may impose restrictions on the number of submissions per institution, school and/or discipline. When such limitations are stipulated in program guidelines, an internal review and selection process may be necessary to select the best-qualified candidate or proposal to represent Kent State University.

If you are applying for a limited submission opportunity, you may be required to submit a letter of intent describing your research project.