Internal Funding Opportunities

Institutional Level Pilot Funding

Deadline: Every November

At Kent State University, there are many sources of pilot funding that faculty can apply for to aid in their research and creative activities.  

In 2021, Institutional Level Pilot Funding is provided through the Institutes (AMLCI, AREI, BHRI, EDRI, HCRI) and the University Research Council (URC). To best steward limited funding for pilot studies, the Division of Research and Economic Development (RAED) centralized certain aspects of these different funding mechanisms, standardized the timing of some opportunities, and created efficiencies when one is applying for both institute and URC funding. For information about the upcoming year, please visit the RAED website below.

Research and Economic Development Website

The University Research Council Support Proposal Forms 

Kent State University's University Research Council provides a library of support proposal forms to aid you on your research funding journey.

University Research Council Form Library

The University Teaching Council Support Proposal Forms

The University Teaching Council provides additional information and aid. To access their website and view their library of support proposal forms, visit the link below.

University Teaching Council Website

NTT Professional Development Excellence Pool

These funds will be awarded for those professional development activities which have a clear connection to the professional advancement of bargaining unit members and enhance learning and educational excellence. To access the call for proposals, visit the link below. 

Faculty Funding Opportunities 

College of the Arts Research/Creative Activity and Professional Development Funds

The College of the Arts will designate funding in support of research/creative activity projects and professional development. To access the application, click below.

Professional Development Fund Application