Digital Output Lab

The Digital Output Lab at the College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers laser cutting, 3D printing and large format color plotting services to Kent State students. Please follow the links below to learn more and take advantage of our services.  

Laser Cutting 3D Printing Color Plotting          

Fall 2020 HOURS

Monday 9a - 2p; 5:30p-9p
Tuesday 9a-9p
Wednesday 9a-3p; 6p-9p
Thursday 9a-6p
Friday 9a-3p; 5:30p-9p
Saturday 11a-4p
Sunday 11a-4p


John Elliot Center for Architecture and Environmental Design room 329


  • All projects must be paid for using your FLASHcard. We DO NOT accept cash, checks or debit/credit card. 
  • Projects must be paid for in full before being removed from the Digital Output Lab.