The newly formed Robotic Fabrication Lab (RFAB) at CAED is investigating the emerging role of robotic fabrication devices in the future of the built environment. Located in the John Elliot Center for Architecture and Environmental Design, the lab features a six-axis robotic arm and several 3D printers. The intent is to establish an internationally recognized hub for research and experimentation in robotic fabrication in architecture, and to serve as a meeting point for researchers at KSU, professionals in architecture and design, and local industry partners who can benefit from this line of research. Over the next couple of years, RFAB will be fabricating several full scale structures that will be 3D printed in various materials and techniques. These structures will be used to test the feasibility of 3D printing as a alternative method for fabricating buildings. 

RFAB has several corporate partners including: HAPCO Inc., BAK Thermoplastic Welding Technology and Dohle Extrusions.